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Abby Arad is a fashion expert and a very talented stylist. Celebrities and high profile figures trust her eye for detail and refined taste.


She contacted Mara, our design and branding expert, regarding working on a logo and a branding strategy. The result was a minimalist, yet impactful logo based on a custom font. Establishing branding guidelines helped refine the brand's message by providing cohesiveness in all visual assets.

Mara is also collaborating on Abby's new venture 'Your Stylist Says'. It is always a great honor to work with talented, smart people.


"Mara is my go-to for all my graphic needs. She has a great eye, incredible taste, and turns projects around very quickly. She is so flexible and will try as many options as it takes to make sure everything looks perfect!


She will quickly become one of your most valued independent contractors for your business."

Abby Arad

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