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Movimiento Summa is a non profit association that promotes fitness and health from a sustainable perspective.

They offer in-person and online training, workshops, and seminars. They also produce content such as articles, videos and documentaries that promote a better approach to fitness with a focus in body positivity and natural movements.

Patricia Villa Ema, fitness expert and co-founder of Movimiento Summa, tasked Sonia with writing articles, and creating video content. Sonia's journalistic excellence becomes evident in the outstanding quality of the work she produces: her videos and documentaries have gathered the attention of local media outlets, and as a result, Movimiento Summa has been featured in many television shows, and received several awards.



"Sonia has created a lot of content for Movimiento Summa and I have to give her credit because her work has been instrumental in getting our initiative recognized.

Content is a very powerful marketing tool and you can be sure you will get the best at CS Tech."

Patricia Villa Ema, Co-founder

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